'Unseal' your custom installed modules

Creating your own modules in Kentico is a great way to create that extra custom view or functionality. If you follow the Kentico guidelines in your setup, your clients will most likely think its part of the CMS itself. Since Kentico 8 you might find out the hard way that your custom modules are being sealed for edit after moving them to an other instance. How can you 'fix' this?

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Object actions quick tips

Most Kentico objects have some pretty handy actions 'hidden' in the first column of the grid. Next to the edit and delete there are a few dots. When clicking a menu displays showing some interesting options. These menus can be found on most Kentico Objects showing in these grids. For example Page types, Page templates, Tasks, Email templates and many more. This functions work both in Kentico 7 and Kentico 8.

Object Actions Menu

I like to explain these options as 'there is more than meets the eye'...

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